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Kurt Cobain (Guitarist)

Equipment Description and Setup:
He uses a variety of guitar.....form cheap epiphones to univox......he also uses fender jaguar....jagstang.....stratocaster all wif humbucker in the bridge position....i dunnoe much bout the amps stuff....i think he uses mesa-boogie pre-amp....4x10''marshall stacks.

amp E.Q setting is-
mid-all the way up

Kurt loves using effect....he uses electro-harmonix small clone.........e-h polychorus.....and boss ds-1 and ds-2 dist.pedals........his dist pedal setting is

tone-3-5[put lower if u wan the 'bleach' sound]
dist.-all the way up.

i try this settings on my rig.and it sounds the same....any quest...correction...e-mail me!


Equipment Description and Setup:
'65 Fender Jaguar, sunburst, Dimarzio Super distortion in the bridge and a PAF in the neck. Had a Tune-O-Matic bridge. Couple of Fender Mustangs, all with Seymour Duncan JB's. Univox Hi-Flyer's, he used these in the early days and during the Bleach era. they were righthanded strung for a lefty Fender Stratocasters, he had a bunch of these, they were usually destroyed after a show

In the studio his main amp was a Fender Twin Reverb. Live he used a Mesa Boogie studio preamp through 2 crown poweramps. He had about 4-8 Marshall cabs loaded with Greenback speakers.

Boss DS-1 (Bleach/Nevermind) & DS-2 (In Utero)
Electro Harmonix Small Clone
Electro Harmonix Poly Chorus (In Utero)
Tech21 Sansamp (In Utero tour)
These were his main pedals.


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